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Opening words

2009Posted by Love Geiger Tue, March 03, 2009 23:52:03

After having the old news section laying dormant for over 2 years we decided to revamp into this format..

A lot of stuff is happening behind the scenes of our little buisness, with me and Sara back at it fulltime, and this is the perfect format to let people who are intrested in on it.

I plan to use this as a News/Blog section of our site with a lot of features that the old News page simply did not have.

Now I can post multiple pictures, links and even Videos...not that we have any to show you at the moment but still...think of the possibilities.

Note that there is an RSS feed on your right side of the screen,If you want to be updated on new posts, or you can email me to become a member and be notified via email.

Well that’s it for now, relax have a bowl and enjoy life....

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